Systemeye Technologies Limited, a reliable & quick-response source of various technology products & services. To serve wide range of tech hardware and world-class tech support, Systemeye started its journey in 2012 registered with the Registrar of the Joint Stock Companies and Firms of Bangladesh under the Companies Act 1994. Focusing on corporate client’s requirements, we have drawn our product line and support type.

Our Vision is to be trusted provider of IT products & Service to Corporate Business Arena in Bangladesh in touch with the latest technology.

Our mission is to provide expert, quality, professional and affordable services to clients to achieve their business goal and objectives.

Our Solution includes CCTV, Attendance System, Digital Signage & Video Wall, Gaurd Tour Management, IP Telephone Solution, Fire Detection System, Video & Audio Conference System, Online UPS solution, License Software of any renowned brands. We have a clear focus on high quality, on time delivery and cost-effective technology services.

Systemeye Exchange: SystemEye Technologies Limited is giving brand new laptop, Desktop PC in exchange of any old working or nonworking laptop or desktop. Anyone can get brand new laptop or desktop with any configuration by submitting the old functional or non-functional one and some money. It’s very popular & attractive campaign since March 2016. 

Device Mama a online platform, positions itself to be the country’s first tech device platform to sell used laptop, desktop PC, smartphone, networking hardware and printer with warranty.

A sister concern of SystemEye Technologies Limited, Device Mama gives a warranty period of 1Month-1Year according to the condition of the device. The warranty covers all parts and post-sell service. It also offers the pick, drop, and on-site service facility for corporate clients in whole Dhaka City.

There is an inherent demand for low-cost, good-quality used tech gadgets. Price drives the demand and a warranty benefit should add further impetus to that. According to Device Mama, both personal users and corporate companies are already buying laptops from Device Mama for attractive price tags and warranty.