DESlock & Data 256 bit AES Encryption (Volume up to 25 to 99)

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DESlock & Data 256 bit AES Encryption (Volume up to 25 to 99)Full Disk Encryption Encrypt: ..

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Product Code: DESlock & Data Encryption
Brand: Eset
Description DESlock & Data 256 bit AES Encryption (Volume up to 25 to 99)

Full Disk Encryption Encrypt:

  • Only disks and partitions you want
  • Transparent pre-boot security using FIPS 140-2 validated, 256 bit AES Encryption
  • Encryption may be started and managed remotely
  • Remote user-password recovery
  • Enhanced workstation screening prior encryption, including Safe Start mode
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8 and 8.1, with support for UEFI and GPT

Removable Media Encryption :

  • No extra space is reserved for encrypted content and the whole device capacity can be used by user
  • Policy driven encryption includes DESlock+ Go, on-device software for use on unlicensed systems
  • Works with any USB drive, CD & DVD media

File & Folder encryption:

  • Encrypt only files and folders you want
  • All files moved to encrypted folder are encrypted immediately

Email Encryption:

  • Transparent email encryption for Outlook through a dedicated plugin
  • The email can be decrypted only by recipients who share the same key as sender
  • Text and clipboard encryption works with any e-mail client, including web mail

Remote Central Management:

  • Manage any user or workstation with a standard internet connection
  • All commands, updates, status requests and responses posted via the DESlock+ Enterprise Proxy
  • No dependency on Active Directory or any existing server architecture installation
  • Secure connectivity allows control of endpoint encryption keys, security policy and software
  • features beyond the corporate security boundary
  • Full remote management, creation and removal of user accounts

Encryption Key Management:

  • Patent-pending technology
  • Add or remove any or all encryption keys
  • Change the encryption policy remotely and silently, without user interaction
  • Enterprise Server Proxy By using the Enterprise Proxy as an intermediary, all connections from client and server are outgoing.
  • All information is encrypted with either RSA or AES and the connection itself is SSL encrypted
  • No need for own SSL certificate and additional hardware, network or firewall changes.

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